Saturday, April 2, 2011

save water, and electricity


Spiderwebbed trees! 
Lovely, except that it killed the trees and now there is very little shade in Pakistan.
I bought a Good Backpack, could fit the entire world in it, want to go traveling.



Che Bello!

Christo of the spiders.


...except for the death of the trees of course. But if I were a tree and could dream up my death I might choose this.


I would consider some sort of embalming method so that I could understand these trees, but if there is any sort of body-consciousness after death then I'd be fucked.

Not to "understand" them, but something, you know?

I miss sleep.
(This is pretty, and congratulations getting a huge bag!! I want summer and can't imagine actually describing it to my parents, though I have more or less to my mom...they are still upset about my semester abroad, but I need it, NEED,need)

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